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I believe in dreaming big and working hard: bright eyes, brave hearts and a touch of perfectionism drive the world.

I currently work as Research Manager at the Consumer Choice Center. I am also a visiting fellow at the Independent Women's Forum. I was awarded the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Chevening scholarship and pursuing Masters in Public Policy at King's College London. My research and writing have been featured in the Daily Mail, The Independent, Financial Times, Der Spiegel, Huffington Post, Conservative Home, CapX, Spiked, The Brussels Times, Euractiv, The Parliament Magazine, Cato Institute, the Institute of Economic Affairs, and more.

Writing has been my passion since early childhood. I published my first article in a local newspaper at the age of 13. Words are powerful. Words are impactful. One of my articles was shared over 16000 times and was translated into 10 languages. The scope of my interests ranges from international trade to stoicism and the study of emotional intelligence. I think that everything in the world is interconnected and enjoy building connections between seemingly incompatible issue areas. Let's prove those who don't believe we can wrong!

The EU and the U.S. Need a Common Digital Market Strategy to Counter China

The past few weeks have been hardly an easy time for Facebook.Frances Haugen’s leak, combined with a six-hour blackout last week, has reinforced some politicians’ desire to further regulate Facebook, or even completely break it up, as proposed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. However, while the EU and U.S. are thinking long and hard about their next move against big tech, China has been taking over our digital space in the West slowly but consistently.
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