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I believe in dreaming big and working hard: bright eyes, brave hearts and a touch of perfectionism drive the world.

As somebody who at the age of 19 launched and headed an educational non-profit organisation which now gathers over 100 students, I'm convinced that limits exist only in our heads. We, humans, are invincible. Over the last two years, I have been travelling the world (I've lived in 4 countries) and passionately advocating for causes close to my heart as part of global non-profit organisations. Things change with the speed of the light, but my passion for writing has stood the test of time. 

Writing has been my passion since early childhood. I published my first article in a local newspaper at the age of 13. Words are powerful. Words are impactful. One of my articles was shared over 16000 times and was translated into 10 languages. The scope of my interests ranges from international trade to stoicism and the study of emotional intelligence. I think that everything in the world is interconnected and enjoy building connections between seemingly incompatible issue areas. Let's prove those who don't believe we can wrong!

Portugal’s push for the EU-Mercosur agreement is excellent news for consumers | The Conservative

On January 1st, Portugal took over the EU’s rotating presidency and has already signalled its willingness to push for the EU-Mercosur agreement. Portuguese Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva said that Portugal will finalise the EU-Mercosur free trade agreement process, which began in June 2019 when the EU Commission agreed on the deal with the South American bloc.

Maria Chaplia: In Ukraine, we should talk more about ideas | - Ukraine's Global Voice

Ukraine’s greatest failure as a country is a lack of vision. Where have we come from and where are we heading? What future do we want, and what role should the state play in it? From building roads to reforming the healthcare and justice systems and, above all, fighting corruption, our shared efforts to build a better country have been woefully fragmented and incomplete. One doesn’t become successful without having at least a vague notion of what success is.

To beat cancer in Europe, let’s give vaping a chance | The Conservative

The European Union’s Beating Cancer plan is our once-in-a-generation opportunity to tackle cancer by embracing innovation and consumer choice... By following the footsteps of the UK, France, Australia, and New Zealand, we can further achieve our goals by endorsing vaping as a harm reduction tool with incredible potential to help reduce health-associated risks. By doing so, the EU could ensure a better future for smokers.

Wielka Brytania bije kolejne rekordy w walce z nałogiem tytoniowym | VAP

I was quoted here. Zupełnie innego zdania jest Maria Chaplia współpracowniczka ds. Europejskich w Consumer Choice Center, która mówi: „Tak jak substytuty cukru pomagają ludziom zmniejszyć spożycie cukru, tak e-papierosy pomagają ludziom rzucić palenie”, „Nie obwiniamy substytutów cukru za zwiększone spożycie cukru, ale zrobienie tego w przypadku e-papierosów wydaje się dopuszczalne”.

Why Europe needs radical digital reform

My piece on the EU digital single market in the Parliament Magazine. Amazon will soon face antitrust proceedings to address concerns raised by EU authorities regarding the company’s access and use of data. Specifically, they claim the American company can see sensitive commercial information on third-party products such as price or volume. Amazon’s actions would qualify as anti-competitive if the EU finds that it has been using this data to improve the ranking of its own products.
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